Midas M32R
BBE DS48 crossover
Mains EAW LA325
Lows powered by Crown XLS 602 per side and Highs powered by Crown Macrotech 2400
Subs are OAP 2x18s powered by Macrotech 3600s per side

16 channel main patch and 16 channel sub snake on stage left

Monitors: 4 mixes on stage
3 EV ELX 115p across front of stage
and EV ELX 112p and ELX 18 for drum fill

Mic selection:
1 Audix D6
1 Audix D2
1 Audix D4
4 Audix i5s
2 Audix F15 small diaphragm condensers
4 Shure SM57s
5 Shure SM58s
2 Radial Pro DIs
1 Livewire DI
1 Radial JPC active stereo DI

Stage dimensions:
174" wide, 152" deep. Just to note. We have three monitors on the front of stage and one drum wedge with sub at the rear.